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Follow Your Passion Trail, Not the Money Trail

My brother-in-law, Adam popped round earlier today, and we got talking about work and business. I used to run a successful web hosting business with him a few years back, and we have always talked about business and work. While I’ve always been a hands-on kind of guy, Adam can be quite the opposite. However, we still both enjoy and love the thrill of running a business.

These days, I’m doing quite well as a freelance web developer, and building up Codaset into my next full time business. Adam is now a qualified financial advisor, and also doing well. We’re both good at what we do.

However, Adam is getting a little bored and frustrated with working for someone else. He wants to run a business; any business. It doesn’t matter what it is. The point is, he enjoys the process and task or running a business, no matter what it is.

So I tried to help him get fired up about finding a new business idea, and the best way to start it, all while still maintaining his day job. I suggested he borrow a book that I had just read, which I felt would really help him. ”Crush It” by WineLibraryTV’s Gary Vaynerchuck is a great little book, and really cemented a few ideas that I already had in my head. Adam took the book, but he left the conversation still in a different mindset, and thinking that he needed to start a business by buying a franchise or some other existing company.

Of course, he could very well do that, but I see two big things wrong with that:

  • He needs a large amount of cash up front
  • There is a higher amount of risk involved

I then realised why he was looking at this way of starting a business. It’s because his primary goal is to make money. He wants to run a successful business because a successful business makes money. But that is the completely wrong way to go about running a business.

I have a passion!

I love the internet. I love developing web apps for the internet, and I love the endless possibilities that it gives me, with very little overheads or costs involved. The internet allows anyone who has a passion, to build that passion into an enjoyable business. It just so happens, that my passion is the internet.

We all have a passion. Some of you will already know what that passion is, and some of you may not have yet found your passion. Regardless of who you are, you have something that you enjoy doing, and that enjoyment can very easily turn into a passion.

Ok, so what am I getting at here?

Anything that you are passionate about will end up being something of quality. You will spend endless hours, and very, very late nights (and early mornings) being passionate about your passion. And you will do it well.

My point is, that when you run a business, it should be all about your passion, and not about the money. You should be doing it because you enjoy doing it regardless of how much money you make, if at all. My bet, is that if you truly love what you are doing, you will try you hardest to make sure that it is bloody good, and of the highest quality. And that is what makes a good business.

So follow your passion trail, and NOT the money trail. If you do, your passion will turn into money.