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My name is Joel and I'm a UK based freelance web and mobile application developer, specializing in building performant, scalable server and client apps, that look and feel great on any device and screen, from iOS/Android to the Browser.

I can help you no matter where you are, having huge experience working with companies and development teams from all over the world.

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From the Server, to iOS & Android, and right through to the browser. I create brilliant cross-platform apps.

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Mobile to Tablet to Desktop

Fully responsive web apps that look and work amazing any any device, and perform brilliantly from the server to the client.

Consulting & Support

Architecture, Infrastructure, Databases, SysAdmin, Best Practices, Code Reviews, DevOps, Lead Developer. From startups to SMEs.

20 Years Experience

A polyglot software engineer, manager and CTO for nearly two decades. I can complement your existing team, or simply be your team!

Developed with Style and Passion!

Passion makes amazing things happen, and I have it in spades! From the server to the browser, I'm an expert!

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Looking for a Mobile App or Web App developer? iOS or Android App development. DevOps, SysAdmin, AWS expert. Working from Manchester, Lancashire, North-West UK.